3 Reasons why Naan bar is considered as Restaurant with Best Cuisine

No doubt why Naan Bar is assumed to be so famous for Indian food, it is correctly considered as one of the best Indian restaurants in Malta. It brings diversity in Indian cuisine comes from the vibrant and contrasted culture of India. Indian food is known for its spices and royal texture. From sweet to spicy and healthy to buttery, Naan Bar Indian food menu consists of everything to make you drool.

1.      Varieties of Cuisines: Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-free: Restaurant in Valletta has a perfect blend of flavours that indicates a scrumptious meal, which not only releases tempting aromas but also makes your mouth water. Vegan cuisines at the Naan Bar are too yummy to compare them with other options.  Although vegetarian Indian dishes like Allo Tikki, Biryani, Panneer Sikh, Paneer Makni, etc., are popular among vegetarians out there, it does not mean that non-veg Indian cuisine lags behind. Naan Bar menu offers much on the plate in terms of non-vegetarian dishes and a range of gluten-free dishes.

2.      Dining-cum-Bar-cum-Private Dining Options: The casual dining restaurant provides an authentic Indian food menu and gives a more relaxed atmosphere. And there is an exclusive bar area that offers a special drink and a cocktail menu made and served from the bar. You can also opt for private dining for your family or group of friends if you want to enjoy privately without the disturbance of other guests.

3.      Typical Authentic as well as Fusion Food: Naan Bar offer much of fusion food blended with the perfect and authentic taste. If you are looking forward to heading towards an Indian restaurant to bless your taste buds with some yummy non-vegetarian food, you are likely to find more of chicken-based recipes like butter chicken, Chicken Korma, Lamb Biryani, etc. If you want to spend quality time with your loved once you can also enjoy private dining.

Also, they have an easy online Takeaway option and delivery across Malta. Travellers visiting Malta should once experience dinning in Naan Bar for scrumptious finger-licking cuisines.