Experience the Best Biryani of India in Malta

The famous Indian Nawab dish of food is Biryani. Basmati rice flavor, steamed with authentic Indian spices, pieces of lamb, chicken, fish, or dense soy like Rambha from the culinary world. Originally introduced by Hyderabadi Nizams, the taste is said to be very divine. Naan Bar Malta Biryani served here has a delicious aroma and also has a variety of special biryani from each city

They prepare Biryani, which retains its taste, but varies in terms of cooking method, which is prepared in a different style. Naan Bar is an Indian restaurant that offers its customers casual and private dining. In Malta, Valletta is the king of food, which does an excellent job of satisfying its people and is therefore known for its prosperity. Therefore, the battle still continues, not for physical reasons, but over which city India hosted the most luxurious Biriyani. Menu has different types of biryani:

Biryani mutton is one of the irresistible Indian dishes offered at the Valletta restaurant. The aroma of the pot is so surprising that you start to get wet. Customers go crazy while enjoying this dish.

 Kumbh Biryani is basically marinated rice with seasonal mushrooms. If you love mushrooms, you can't resist yourself. This is a vegan dish that has aromatic basmati rice served with Raita.

Awadhi Chicken Biryani is one of the finest dishes you can have in this restaurant. If you want to have some chicken with spices you can go with this dish with your family and friends.

Maltese and travellers visit this place especially to taste one of the famous biryani in Malta. No customer can go with disappointment after dinning at this place be it biryani or some other food and cocktail.