Tandoori Dish at Naan Bar Malta

Naan Bar serves one of the best Indian dining restaurant in Malta Valletta. One of the most popular Indian dishes that people love is Tandoori chicken. This is the most popular dish that tastes delicious; now what's good about the Tandoori chicken. What does it taste like? This is chicken marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, and fresh herbs. Yogurt makes this dish delicious and healthy at the same time and, without a doubt, yogurt is healthy enough because it is rich in vitamins. The basic ingredients used in this dish are onions, garlic, ginger, masala salt. Finally, dishes that are cooked properly in a charcoal oven and cooked in this way can give these dishes a different flavor that people like.

 Lamb Seekh - Lamb chunks marinated on a grill in Tandoor, then prepared with thick onions, butter, and tomatoes. This dish is served in a thick and rich masala sauce that provides the perfect blend of flavors.

Tandoori Jingha- Tandoori prawns are grilled prawn skewers loaded with Indian flavor. They are really perfect for a drink or a barbecue party. Tandoori prawns are fresh, hard, perfectly cooked, gluten-free is a real explosion of flavor.

Tandoori Broccoli - If you want to have a healthy and delicious vegetarian snacks than tandoori broccoli is for you. 

 I I hope this blog helps you learn more about the famous and delicious Tandoori dishes in Malta. Tandoori dishes are not just healthy; However, they are also crunchy. In addition, Tandoori kitchens can be digested and are also good for stomach enzymes. Naan Bar is one of the best places to serve this dish in Malta with an authentic taste.